Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

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Your washing machine helps keep your clothing fresh and clean. It removes odors, stains, and other dirt from your clothing. If you aren't taking good care of this machine though, you could be wearing clothing that may not be quite as clean as you thought. Your washing machine requires maintenance much like your other appliances should be maintained in order to ensure your machine is doing its job and to minimize your need of washing machine repair. See below for maintenance tips for your machine.

Clean The Detergent Bin

The detergent bin may look a little unsightly, but you may overlook it every time you put detergent inside the bins. These bins can accumulate with lint and may even have some mold that has accumulated as well. Use bleach to clean these areas, or a vinegar-soaked cloth. If you can remove the detergent bin altogether, do so to give it a deeper clean. Replace the detergent bin when finished.

Wipe Down The Interior

The interior drum of your machine can also get dirty from cleaning your dirty clothing over time. It can build up with lint, stickers from tags you may have forgotten, ink pens or markers left inside pockets, or even gum. If you have anything on the inside of your drum, use a vinegar or bleach-soaked rag to clean it. Wipe down the interior and the back of the machine as well. Then wipe down the inner seal. Pull back the seal itself and you'll see quite a bit of filth. This is the area where you may find mold/mildew, missing socks and other smaller pieces of clothing, change and random items such as screws, ink pens, gum wrappers, and other debris. It can be accumulated in this area and could cause an stinky odor if you leave it there. Clean all of this out and then wipe it down with a vinegar or bleach-soaked rag.

Remove The Lint Trap

The lint trap inside your washing machine is much like the one in your washer, except the items inside are wet and disgusting. The items that accumulated in the inner seal can sometimes get washed into the lint trap. These items can also make your machine smell if you don't take care of this area. Find where the lint trap is on your machine and clean it out. Rinse the filter of the trap by running it under warm water and replace it.

Your washing machine helps ensure you are wearing clean clothing. If your machine is dirty, your clothing is probably dirty as well. Keep it clean to ensure it is doing its job properly