Air Conditioner Replacement Tips

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When you are needing to replace an air conditioning unit, it is important to be mindful of the factors and considerations that will have to be valued during this process to prevent problems. Luckily, a homeowner that is replacing an air conditioning system for the first time can benefit from some guidelines to help prevent making mistakes that will greatly compromise the performance of the new air conditioning unit.

Have A Whole-House Air Conditioning Evaluation Performed

Prior to choosing a particular air conditioning unit for your home, it may be wise to have an HVAC professional perform an evaluation of the home air conditioning system. In addition to evaluating the current exterior unit, this will allow the interior ducting and vents to be inspected. After completing this type of an evaluation, the HVAC professional will be able to provide better recommendations when it concerns choosing a new unit for your home.

Know That Efficiency Is Not Directly Related To Size

When choosing a new air conditioning unit, homeowners will often be aware of the need to choose a unit that is as energy-efficient as possible. Yet, homeowners will frequently make incorrect assumptions when it comes to energy efficiency. For example, homeowners will often assume that large air conditioning systems will be more energy-efficient. Rather, the overall design of the unit will play a far more important role in determining the energy efficiency. Luckily, these units will be clearly labeled with an energy efficiency rating, and this can provide you with an easy way to compare the energy usage requirements of different units.

Keep Your Pets And Small Children Away From The New Air Conditioner

After the new air conditioner is installed, it is important to keep pets and children away from the unit. Pets that lay on or near the unit may contribute to large amounts of fur getting into the system, which can jam the primary motor. Children can be prone to putting sticks, leaves and other debris in the system, which can also lead to damaging jams. To prevent these issues, you may want to invest in constructing a fence around the exterior unit so that it will be more difficult for children or pets to get close to the unit. If you choose to build a fence around the unit, you should leave at least several feet of clearance so that repair and service professionals will have enough room to work on the unit. Contact a company like Economy Air Systems Inc to learn more.