When One Window AC Unit Doesn't Cool Your Whole Home

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Window air conditioners are easier to install than adding central air to your home. Window units also do not use as much energy as central air, which can help lower your utility bills. In some cases, it may be cheaper to use multiple window units than to use central air. However, a single window air conditioner is not able to circulate air as effectively as central air. This can lead to some areas of your home being far too cold and other areas still feeling warm, but there are ways around this problem.

Don't Obstruct Air Flow

In order to get the most out of a window air conditioner, it is important to have as much unobstructed air flow as possible. Any interior doors should be left wide open and there should be no large objects that block the flow of air. However, when there is something that causes an obstruction of air flow, you should consider placing 16-inch electric fans in the doorways. Keep in mind that several fans can be used to bend cool air and direct it around corners.

Find The Right Position

Where you install the window air conditioner will effect how well it cools the rest of your home. Ideally, it should be located in a central hallway that will feed cool air to other parts of your home. However, if this is not possible because of the design of your home, another option is to choose whichever room is closest to the center of your home. 

However, if there is a part of your home where everyone congregates, it may make sense instead to place the window air conditioner in that room. Or, if there is a member of your family who cares more about being cool and comfortable, it may make sense to place the unit in a location that is closer to his or her bedroom.

Consider Central Air Or Another Window AC

If you are still unhappy with how your window air conditioner is cooling your home, it might make sense to hire a central air conditioner installation specialist to replace your window air conditioner with central air. Central air provides you with much more control over how different areas of your home are cooled. Or, you may need to have a second window air conditioner installed. Even though the additional window air conditioner will cost money, it will save you more than installing central air. For more information, click this link.