Common Reasons for Thermador Gas Stove Ignition Problems

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When your Thermador gas stove doesn't light, it is very inconvenient, especially if you plan on cooking a large dinner. Fortunately, this is a common problem and isn't difficult to track down. You may even be able to prevent ignition problems with a few simple maintenance steps. Continue reading to learn more about why your gas burners won't light and how to prevent future problems.

Common Ignition Causes

For your stove to work, you need gas and a spark. If one or the other isn't available, then your stove won't work. Common ignition problems may include:

Dirty Igniter

A dirty igniter is not uncommon. Fortunately, you can clean it with a cotton swab and water. However, you must be gentle. If you move the electrode out of place, your spark will be ineffective at lighting up the gas. Wait until the igniter is dry before checking to see if it works.

Broken Igniter

If an igniter component breaks, you will have no spark or a very weak spark. The igniter should emit a blue spark. Spark colors like orange indicate weakness. Sometimes, the problem is electrical, and sometimes the igniter itself is broken.

Blocked Gas Valves

If not enough gas comes out of the valve, then your stove won't ignite. Dirty outlets can restrict gas flow.

Ways to Prevent Future Ignition Problems

If the igniter and gas outlet are working normally, you can prevent future problems with proper maintenance. Here are some things you or an appliance repair company can do to ensure your stove works properly.

Clean Your Burner Caps and Grates

Food and debris can clog gas valves and igniters. Regular cleaning of the entire burner prevents many of these problems. Rinse the burner caps, do not soak them. Most experts recommend deep cleaning your burners monthly.

Clean Your Burner Channels

While you have your burner cap removed, make sure the burner channels are clean. These channels direct the gas around your burner for an even flame. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to clean these channels.

Clean Your Igniter

If you notice a weak spark or obvious signs that it is dirty, it may be time to clean your igniter. Remember to be gentle to keep the igniter in alignment.

Take extra precautions when you work on or clean your Thermador gas stove. Stop using your stove if you have a broken igniter, and be sure to turn off the gas. If you are unable to do the repairs and maintenance yourself, call an appliance repair person. For more information about Thermador repair, contact a local appliance repair shop.